Creative Play Activities

Free printable worksheets for you to download for your kids

Here you will find Mouse Studio support ideas and ideas for things for the kids to do on rainy days.

Stuck at home and bored? These creative play activities will provide hours of fun for you and your child (remember some may need adult supervision!) Also good for cheering up young children when they feel unwell. Rainy Day

Rainy Day Activity 126.77 Kb
Button Prints

Use different buttons to create colourful prints of different animals.

Rainy Day Activity 230.72 Kb
Dinosaur Pictures

Pictures of dinosaurs to colour in

Rainy Day Activity 150.73 Kb
Fish Game

Instructions on how to create a fun fishing game.

Rainy Day Activity 127.83 Kb
Leaf Prints

Create colourful leaf prints.

Rainy Day Activity 232.30 Kb
Table Mats

Create your own colourful table mats using the templates provided.

Rainy Day Activity 90.20 Kb
Pencil Pots

How to create a cool pot for all your pencils