Lesson Plans

Below you can find a wide selection of lesson plans for preschoolers that will encourage and help develop your child's learning.

Christmas Little StarChristmas Little Star

To introduce Christmas as a religious festival

Advent CalendarAdvent Calendar

To count the days to Christmas

The AlphabetThe Alphabet

To match the letters of the alphabet and recognise their names

Birthday PresentsBirthday Presents

To learn how to give and receive presents at a party

Counting to 10Counting to 10

To count and recognise numbers up to 3, 5 and 10


Spatial awareness and basic understanding of simple directions

Fruits and SeedsFruits and Seeds

Awareness of different types of fruit and how they grow from seed

Coordination SkillsCoordination Skills

Develop hand eye coordination skills, mouse skills and understanding angles

Musical SoundsMusical Sounds

To develop an awareness of different of sounds, exploring stories, rhymes and songs

Looking after petsLooking after pets

To be aware that animals need certain conditions to survive

Tic, Tac, ToeTic, Tac, Toe

To take turns when playing simple games

Using ColourUsing Colour

The use and recognition of colour and how they are mixed