Creative Resources

Creative activities to do with your children

Here at the Mouse Club, we have plenty of activities to do with preschoolers that are fun, educational and perfect for a rainy day!

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

If you are stuck in at home and the weather is bad, we have lots of activities which will provide hours of fun for you and your child. These can also be good for cheering up your child if they are feeling unwell.

Educational Activities

Our educational activities for preschoolers are beautifully illustrated resources which are great for parents, carers and teachers to develop a range of skills which will help their children learn at home and at school.

Party Planner

Parties are great fun but they can be hard work to plan. The Mouse Club Party Planner is packed full of party ideas for preschoolers including; fun party games, delicious & easy to make recipes and great printables ranging from invites to party hats.

No matter what type of party you are having, our party planner has everything you need to ensure it all runs smoothly.