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Road Safety Week

Posted by Roly on 21/11/16

In the UK, Road Safety Week starts on 21st November. Lots of nurseries, schools, youth clubs and communities will get involved to try and make the roads a safer place for us all.

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Anti-Bullying Week

Posted by Roly on 14/11/16

This year Anti-bullying week takes place during 14th-18th November. Bullying can be scary and is never nice. It can affect people for the rest of their lives! My mum says “If you can’t think of anything nice to say to someone, don’t say anything at all!” Miss Squeak says the same.

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Signs of Autumn

Posted by Roly on 20/09/16

I’ve been back at school for a few weeks now. I missed all my friends and Miss Squeak of course. Grandad took me to Mouse School this morning and we counted 15 spider’s webs on the way. They were very easy to see because they were wet with morning dew.

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Back to School

Posted by Roly on 26/08/16

When I started school a few years ago I was excited too. But I was also a little shy and worried. When I told mum she reminded me of all the things I had learnt to do by myself.

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Walk to School Week

Posted by Roly on 13/05/16

Did you know that in the UK we have Walk to School week? This year it will run from 16th – 20th May. If like me, your mum and dad work, it’s not always easy for them to walk with us to school and I am far too young to be walking by myself. As usual Miss Squeak has come up with some plans to help mice like me.

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World Book Day 2016

Posted by Roly on 01/03/16

Hurray it’s World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March. I am so excited as we get to dress up as a character from a favourite book. My friend Arthur is going to dress up as Mr Bump. I can’t wait to see him. Mum is going to sort my outfit out but we are not sure yet what I am going as!

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Mothers Day in the UK

Posted by Roly on 01/03/16

In the UK we celebrate Mothering Sunday in March. This year it falls on March 6th. Mums are very special people who do lots and lots to keep us safe and make sure we are happy. It’s always good to say please and thank you whenever mum does things for us but on Mother’s Day we can try extra hard to make mum feel special and loved.

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Shrove Tuesday!

Posted by Roly on 04/02/16

Did you know that another name for Shrove Tuesday is Pancake Tuesday? This year in the UK it will be held on Tuesday 9th February. It is always held on the day before Lent begins and in olden times it was a way of using up rich foods before the fasting began.

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Chinese Year of the Monkey 2016

Posted by Roly on 03/02/16

It’s very exciting in Manchester in the UK, as we are getting ready for the Chinese New Year celebrations. It is already starting to look very pretty as there are beautiful red lanterns hanging from all the trees. This year, Chinese New Year falls on 8th February and we have lots of celebrations to look forward to and the famous dragon dance!

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National Storytelling Week 2016

Posted by Roly on 28/01/16

This year is the 16th National Storytelling week and it takes place from January 30th – February 6th. I love stories! Do you? Do you have a favourite? I really like traditional tales especially when the big bad wolf is involved. He does try it on but always loses out in the end. I like that!

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