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Ooh December is my favourite month of the year. - Posted - 03/12/2014 « Back to Blog

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Ooh December is my favourite month of the year. Can you guess why?

It’ll soon be Christmas of course. I love it. Do you?  I get so excited especially as mum has said she is getting the Christmas box out tomorrow. To be honest I have forgotten what is inside it but I do remember there is a Christmas mug but I bet there are lots of special games and activities to do as well.

The Mouse Club has some special games and activities for you to do and play.

  • You can write a letter to Santa- you will get a personal reply.
  • You can play the brand new Mouse Splat game!
  • You can print out lots of Christmas activities to keep you busy.

Don’t forget you can open the Advent calendar from today December 1st, there will be a new activity for you to do every day.

Have fun and be good.