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Save Energy Week - Posted - 16/04/2015 « Back to Blog

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Did you know that ‘Save Energy’ week starts on April 21st this year? There are lots of ways we can all save energy and help make the world a better place.

You can help too, talk to family and friends and think about things you can do.

Here are ten ideas to get you started, if you and your family can think of any more write and tell me about them.

  1. Cycle or walk to school or the shops.
  2. Sort and recycle - put your empty cans, bottles and paper into the proper bins.
  3. Switch off your computer or tablet at the plug when you have finished using it and save electricity.
  4. Ask mums and dads to become paperless and get their bills and bank statements emailed to them.
  5. Don’t let the tap run while you are brushing your teeth, turn it off until you need to rinse your mouth to save water.
  6. Have a quick shower instead of a bath.
  7. Collect rain water in a tub for the garden.
  8. Ask your family to replace used light bulbs with energy saving or LED bulbs.
  9. When the weather is good, ask mums and dads to dry clothes outside on a washing line instead of using the dryer.
  10. Drink tap water instead of buying bottles.

I am going to keep a diary for a week to see how me and my family are saving energy. I will glue on stickers so I can see what we have done. You can do the same! Click here to download your stickers and diary. Have fun!