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St George is the patron saint of several countries including England. In England we celebrate St George’s Day on April 23rd. His flag, a large red cross on a white background is flown from buildings and some people wear a red rose on their jacket or coat.

So who was St George? He was a brave Roman soldier. He was born a long, long time ago around 280! One of the best known stories about St George is his fight with a dragon. Of course nobody knows if this is really true but legend has it that people in one town were frightened of a dragon! The dragon guarded their well and wouldn’t let anybody have any of the water unless they gave him a human sacrifice. Doesn’t sound very nice does it? The sacrifices were chosen by chance so nobody knew when it would be their turn!

One day St George was visiting the princess in this town and it just so happened that it was the princess’s turn to be taken to the dragon. St George was very brave and he killed the dragon, saved the life of the princess and the people of the town were able to use the well in safety. Don’t forget there were no taps in those days!

Everybody was happy and the people in the town were so impressed with St George that they became Christians, like him!

Did you know that St George’s flag together with the flags of Ireland and Scotland make up the Union flag, a symbol of the UK?

I am going to colour in a picture of the dragon and put it up on my wall, why don't you do the same, click here to download the picture.