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May Day - Posted - 27/04/2015 « Back to Blog

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In the UK May Day falls on the first Monday in May. It is a time when we celebrate the start of summer and the end of winter. This year it will held on Monday May the 4th and because it is a bank holiday we all get a day off school. Hooray!!

May pole dancing is a May Day tradition. We have been practising dancing around the may pole with Miss Squeak. It has been great fun. Of course the idea is that we dance in and out of each other weaving a pretty pattern on the pole. Of course I know what you are thinking, and you are quite right, I tripped over Blue Mouse and we both ended up in a heap on the floor. I was tangled up in both ribbons and we laughed and laughed. Miss Squeak laughed too! We are getting better though and hope that when mums and dads come we will be perfect!

Grandad is a morris dancer, on Monday he will be dancing in Mouse square. He wears an amazing costume and bells ring as he walks. He carries a stick as he dances to the music, sometimes they hit each other’s stick! It looks like it could be painful if he misses but unlike me, he never does!

If you have a day off, what do you like to do? Do you go anywhere special? Have you ever danced around a May Pole? Write and tell me all about it!

Happy Bank Holiday to you all. Have fun.