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Starting School!! - Posted - 18/08/2015 « Back to Blog

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Some of my little friends are starting school in September.

They are very excited!

When I started school a few years ago I was excited too. But I was also a little nervous. When I told mum how I was feeling, she told me not to worry and reminded me of all the things I had learnt to do by myself. She told me there would be lots of mice in my class and Miss Squeak wouldn’t be able to help every one of us to get ready for P.E as that would leave no time for nice things like stories and playing.



These are some of the things she taught me; maybe they will help you or your little brother or sister too.

  • To put my coat on and take it off by myself. Of course this is easy now but it wasn’t always the case.
  • To fasten my buttons and zips by myself (sometimes those zips were a problem!).
  • To recognise my name so I knew which peg to hang my coat on. Mum wrote it lots and lots and although I didn’t know the letter names, I soon recognised the shape my name made. Of course I am good at reading and writing now – but it was very helpful then.
  • To put my shoes on the right feet. I found this tricky! But mum came up with a good idea. She stuck a red sticker in my right shoe and a blue one in the left. It made it so much easier and now of course I don’t need stickers anymore! Hurrah!
  • To count to 10, we sang lots of songs together which we still do now, but I can count really well these days and I even love doing maths!
  • To listen to stories, talk about the characters and think what might happen next. I still love listening to stories, do you?

Mum also made sure my shoes had velcro fastenings, but now I can fasten my own laces, can you?

She also wrote my name in my clothes and put a coloured spot next to it so I knew which was my jumper and didn’t end up going home in someone else’s.

Of course school has been great fun, I’ve made new friends and Miss Squeak has taught me lots. I still love making things best of all – what do you like best about school?

There are some good free ideas for activities to help you learn here. Perhaps you can use them with your brother or sister; it may help prepare them for their big day at school.

Don’t forget we have lots of ideas for activities for you to do here.

School is fun, so enjoy!!!