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Christmas is nearly here! - Posted - 01/12/2015 « Back to Blog

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Christmas is here! I get so excited, do you?

There is much excitement here at the Mouseclub, we have lots of fun activities for you to do.

Did you know you can write a letter to Santa? Mum is going to help me write mine next week. I hope he brings me a new scooter as I have tried very hard to be good this year. I am going to ask him to bring something special for grandma and grandad because they do lots of fun things for me. I think it’s important to remember family and friends and not just think about yourself, don’t you?

Click here to write your letter to Santa.

Don’t forget to open the Advent calendar on 1st December; you can print out a new activity every day during December.

If you go to our activities section to:

  • Make lots of Christmas cards, tags and decorations
  • Do a puzzle
  • Colour in a Christmas picture
  • Find a yummy recipe to make

Have an amazing time and if you are in a school play, hope it goes well. I am a King this year. I really hope I don’t trip over, you know what I am like!