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Shrove Tuesday! - Posted - 16/02/2015 « Back to Blog

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Did you know that another name for Shrove Tuesday is Pancake Tuesday?

This year in the UK it will be held on Tuesday 17th February. It is always held on the day before Lent begins and in olden times it was a way of using up rich foods before the fasting began.

Some parts of the UK hold pancake races which sound great fun. I am going to ask Miss Squeak at Mouse School if we can have one. After all – all you have to do is run fast, carry a frying pan with a pancake in it and flip it over as you race. What can possibly go wrong!!!

Don’t forget to read my story ‘Pancake Day’ and find out what happens when Miss Squeak helps us make pancakes at school. As you can imagine something is sure to go a little wrong! It was funny though! Do you make pancakes? What do you put on them? I like to sprinkle lemon juice on mine, Blue Mouse slices banana and squirts some syrup on hers but Red Mouse loves chocolate sauce on his! Why don’t you write and tell me, I would love to try out some new ideas.