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It’s almost National Storytelling week! - Posted - 27/01/2015 « Back to Blog

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We all love to hear a good story, don’t we? I asked my mum and dad if they had a favourite story when they were young and they did! Mum loved ‘The Billy Goats Gruff’ and dad’s favourite was ‘The Three little Pigs’. I like those stories too and I have certainly heard them lots of times.

Did you know that during the week 31st January until 7th February it is National Storytelling Week? There will be lots of events taking place in Museums, schools, hospitals and libraries where stories will be told to a wide range of age groups.

At the Mouse Club we love stories too and this week we are launching our new story ‘Pancake Day’. It won’t matter if you are not a great reader; the pictures will give you lots of clues to what is going on.

Of course as I am in the story you can bet your life that something will go wrong! Read it for yourself and find out what happens. It certainly made us all laugh!!