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We love summer! - Posted - 14/07/2015 « Back to Blog

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Mouse school has closed for the summer. I bet Miss Squeak will miss us all over the next 6 weeks. I wonder what she will do.

We have lots of ideas for activities for you to do here. Blue Mouse is going to keep a diary and Red Mouse is going to make a scrapbook. There are recipes to try out too. I hope grandma helps me to make some strawberry mousse; the recipe is here so you can try it too.

I am going on holiday with mum and dad. I don’t know where we are going yet as it’s a surprise. I love surprises do you? I hope grandma and grandad come too.

I love playing outside. I have a small paddling pool which Red and Blue Mouse love to play in. We splash each other and sometimes mum gets sprayed as she walks past! Just as well she laughs! Grandma hasn’t got a paddling pool but she puts her washing bowl outside and fills it with soapy water and plastic containers of all shapes and sizes. I spend ages pouring water from one to another- I get very wet as you can imagine and grandma has to wrap me in a towel before she’ll let me back indoors.

I never get bored as there are always things to do. Dad bought me a magnifying glass so I can go on a mini beast hunt. There are lots in my garden and some beautiful butterflies too. Mum says I can take some photos with her phone so I can show grandad. In fact I think I am going to make some butterflies for grandma. Why don’t you make some too, here is a link.

Are you on school holiday too? If you are doing something exciting or different write and tell me all about it. Don’t forget to look for ideas in the Mouse Club.

Have fun!