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Every 2 years in the UK we have Red Nose Day. This year it falls on Friday 13th March.

I love Red Nose Day because we always have so much fun. It’s also a chance for people all over the UK to do something funny and raise money to help change lives!

This year is about making your face funny for money. So mum has bought me a red nose, a t shirt and will paint my face to help our school raise money.

If all schools get involved it is hoped we will help 300,000 kids in Africa get into education and learning.



There are lots of things you can do to raise money. This year we are going to:

  • Make our faces funny
  • Bake and sell cakes
  • Have a bring and buy sale
  • Charge mums and dads and grandparents to watch our talent show
  • Hold a school disco

You can take part too. There is a lot of information here

If you get involved, what will you do? Whatever you do, it is sure to be a load of fun!

Write to me and tell me what you did for Red Nose Day this year.

We have also made some fun activities for you to do for Red Nose Day here at the Mouseclub. Why not bake some Red Velvet Cupcakes, make a joke book to tell your family and friends some jokes or do the Red Nose Day wordsearch.