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Walk to School Week - Posted - 11/05/2015 « Back to Blog

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Did you know that in the UK May is national walking month?

I love being outside, do you? Mum says walking is a great way to keep fit; it helps to keep your heart healthy and best of all it is free!

This year from 18th – 22nd May it is walk to school week. My mum and dad go to work so it’s not always easy for them to walk with me to school and I am far too young to be walking by myself but Miss Squeak has organised some ideas to help mice like me.

Mouse School now has a walking bus scheme. Mum or dad drop me off and I join the walking bus group. There are several grownups, there is always one at the front- this is the driver of the bus and one at the back, the conductor, as well as other grownups in-between. They help us walk safely and carefully along the footpath and then across roads. We all wear a brightly coloured vest so we are easy to see.

I love it as it means I get extra time talking to Blue and Red Mice as we always try to walk together. Sometimes Miss Squeak comes along and she points out interesting things on the way to school. I never knew walking could be such good fun. And guess what because I am chatting while I walk, walking to school doesn’t seem to take so long at all!

Sometimes when dad starts work later, he uses the park and stride scheme. So we drive part way to school and then park up and me and dad walk the rest of the way. I love these mornings as I get to spend extra time with Dad.

Mum says walk to school schemes are a great way to keep our bodies healthy, our minds alert and we get to spend extra time with our friends and family.

Does your school have a walk to school scheme? If not you could ask your Mum or Dad to tell your teacher about it.

I bet – just like me you would love it. If your school already has a walking bus, write and tell me about it.

Let’s get healthy and active together!