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Thanksgiving Day - Posted - 23/11/2015 « Back to Blog

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In the U.S.A, Thanksgiving Day is always celebrated on the last Thursday in November. This year it will be on 26th November.

Do you know why it is celebrated?

It is to remember the time when the first pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620.

Of course that was a long, long, time ago so how do we know about it? Important parts have been passed on through the years and retold in stories and paintings. There is also a lot of information at The Pilgrim Hall Museum.

Did you know some pilgrims arrived on a ship called The Mayflower; they travelled for 66 days, that is about 9 weeks and is a very long time indeed, especially when it was small and crammed with families. I really don’t think I would have liked it. I bet there were a lot of storms too, so I am sure I would have been frightened. They must have been very brave people indeed.

You can just imagine how happy they were when they landed. Sadly quite a few died, some were so hungry, they died from starvation and others died from disease.

These days it’s a holiday, a time for families to get together and eat turkey. However, the shops are open and it is usually one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

If you live in America, how do you celebrate this special occasion? Write and tell me.