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Advent is a time of waiting for the arrival of Christmas. Mum says it is also to remember when Jesus was born a long, long time ago, about 2000 years in fact.

I get very excited, do you?

When we go to Church, the priest wears special coloured robes. Many Churches like ours have an Advent wreath; this is a circle with 4 candles.

Did you know? Advent Sunday is always the first Sunday in Advent and is the one nearest to St Andrew’s day, which is a special day for people in Scotland.

There are four Sundays in Advent altogether and by the 4th Sunday all four candles on the wreath will have been lit. They will stay alight during the week before Christmas.

It looks lovely in our house. Mum is hanging up the Christmas cards, we have already decorated the tree and I love to see the lights twinkling in the dark. This year I was even allowed to put the fairy on top of the tree!

Christmas is an exciting time for us at the Mouse Club. It is our special time of the year. We have lots of festive things for you to do so you can have fun. During Advent you can count down to Christmas and open each door on our Advent Calendar. I usually have one in my house as well! Don’t forget to write to Santa and tell him what you would like. You can also download ideas for gifts and presents to make for your family and friends as well as playing exciting games.