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National Poetry Day - Posted - 06/10/2015 « Back to Blog

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It is National Poetry Day on Thursday 8th October. This is something we celebrate every year in the UK. This year it will be 21 years old and so is extra special.

Every year there is a different topic. This year it is ‘Light’.

So what is National Poetry day?

Miss Squeak told us that it is a special occasion to help us think about poems, those we like best and to have a go at writing some ourselves. In Mouse School, we are writing poems in groups. I am working with Blue and Red Mouse and we thought you might like to help us.

First of all, we had to come up with an idea (Blue Mouse is really good at this!). Miss Squeak explained that poems don’t have to rhyme; they can even be in a shape. I was very pleased to hear that, as you can imagine.

Thinking about ‘light’ made us think about bonfire night, as we love the different coloured lights and colours. So we had an idea but then we had to think about different words to describe it. I was good at this. Red Mouse wrote the words down (he is the best writer). Once we had our words, we had to check them in a dictionary to make sure we had spelt them right. Then we shared the words out between the three of us and each wrote them out in different colours and sizes.

This is where we need your help. Can you help us make our shape poem? Download the word sheet, cut each word out and then glue them, so they make a shape onto another sheet of paper. Blue Mouse said it’s a good idea to put them in place first to make sure you are happy with your shape, before you glue. She is usually right, so it’s always best to do what she says!

Don’t forget you can always add your own words too!

Have fun!