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Halloween - Posted - 26/10/2015 « Back to Blog

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Did you know that Halloween is always celebrated on the 31st October!

This year it falls on a Saturday and I am very excited as Red Mouse always has a party to celebrate. It is always fun but this year we will be allowed to stay up later as there is no school the next day!

We always dress up and grandad makes me a Jack o’ lantern from a pumpkin.

On the way to the party, mum and dad will take me to grandma’s house to play ‘trick or treat’. Grandma always pretends to be scared and can’t believe it is really me dressed up!!! She always gives me a treat.

When we get to the party we play games. We play pass the spooky parcel in a darkened room, then we try and catch apples bobbing about in water, using our mouths only. I’m hopeless at this game as I always want to use my hands!

We have lots to eat, including scary sandwiches, ghost biscuits, spooky lollies, jelly bugs and ice cream.

At the end of the party, we always watch a spooky film. My favourite is Casper, what is yours?

Click the links if you would like to make Red Mouse’s spooky lollies or my slime bug cups.

Alternatively, if you fancy a bit of colouring in, click here to download Blue Mouse’s haunted house picture.