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Signs of Autumn - Posted - 10/09/2015 « Back to Blog

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I’m back at school now and it’s great to see all my friends again and Miss Squeak too of course.

I had a great summer break, I hope you did too!

Have you noticed anything different? I have.

  • The days are getting shorter
  • It’s getting cooler too
  • There are big fat conkers hanging from the trees in the park
  • Some leaves are starting to change colour

Yesterday when I was looking through the fence into Mr McGregor’s garden, I saw lots of plums on his tree. Last year he gave mum a big bag and she made a plum pie, yummy, yum.

We are doing a project at school about Autumn. Miss Squeak is going to take us on an Autumn walk in the park. Grandma is coming along too. I can’t wait.

We are going to look for signs of Autumn and we are collecting conkers, acorns, pine cones and other seeds to make a display in the classroom.

Miss Squeak said we are going to weigh the conkers to find out which is the heaviest. I hope mine wins! We are also collecting any leaves that have fallen off the trees to make a hedgehog picture. I love making things, do you?

If you go out for a walk with your family, keep your eyes open for the many signs of Autumn. Take this activity sheet with you and see if you can find any of the items. If you want you could collect some in a bag and take them home to count later or use them to make a picture.