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The RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch 2016 - Posted - 25/01/2016 « Back to Blog

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It’s January so it must be time for the RSPB in the UK to organise the big garden bird watch. Do you remember I did it last year with Grandad? Do you do something like this in your country? It’s a great way of finding out which birds are surviving and which are not doing so well.

This year I am doing it in my own garden and mum and dad are going to help me.

Did you know that this year 2016, more than half a million people from across the UK are going to take part and count the birds in their garden?

In 2015, the House Sparrow was the most seen bird – I wonder which bird it will be this year?

Mum says we are going to open a bird cafe so we have bought extra bird seed to put in our feeders. You can make your own bird feeder too. Its really easy, click on this link to find out how: 

Dad will have his camera ready to take photos but grandma suggested I might want to draw some of the birds and make a picture. If you aren’t sure how to draw a bird, click here: You might find it easier than you think.

Better go and help mum get the cafe ready! Don’t forget you don’t have to have a garden to do the big garden bird watch, you can do it at school too, why don’t you ask your teacher. Hope you find it lots of fun.