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National Storytelling Week 2016 - Posted - 28/01/2016 « Back to Blog

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This year is the 16th National Storytelling week and it takes place from January 30th – February 6th.

I love stories! Do you? Do you have a favourite?

I really like traditional tales especially when the big bad wolf is involved. He does try it on but always loses out in the end. I like that!

I’m lucky as I always have a story before I go to sleep every night. Either mum or dad read to me. Sometimes if it is a longer book, I fall asleep - once dad fell asleep too!!

Some of my favourite stories are:

  • Red Riding Hood
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Stone Soup
  • Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
  • The Magic Finger

For Christmas I got my very own CD player and some story CDs, so I can listen to them any time I like and even in the car.

Miss Squeak has some great things planned for story telling week. We are going to write our own stories for each other. She is going to invite different people in to read to us and guess what?!?! Grandma is coming in! I’m so excited; I don’t know which story she’ll choose to read.

I don’t know whether you know this but I’ve been in a story or two myself. Read what happened the day I got stuck. Trust silly me! Everybody laughed and I bet it makes you laugh too. Have fun.