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Mothers Day in the UK - Posted - 01/03/2016 « Back to Blog

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In the UK we celebrate Mothering Sunday in March. This year it falls on March 6th.

Mums are very special people who do lots and lots to keep us safe and make sure we are happy. It’s always good to say please and thank you whenever mum does things for us but on Mother’s Day we can try extra hard to make mum feel special and loved.

Me and Dad have a secret this year. We have booked to take mum out for lunch so she doesn’t have to cook. I know mum will love this and feel special.

Of course you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make mum feel loved, you can make something special or print out a card from the Mouse Club for free, click here for our Card Maker.

There are gifts you can make too (ask someone to help if you find them tricky). Blue Mouse has been busy making a gift bag and a pop up card for her mum. You can make them too.

As well as that you can print out a Mother’s Day voucher here. Tick the box next to something you are going to do to help make mum’s day special. And best of all – tell mum you love her and give her a hug.