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Anti-Bullying Week - Posted - 14/11/2016 « Back to Blog

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This year Anti-bullying week takes place during 14th-18th November. Bullying can be scary and is never nice. It can affect people for the rest of their lives!

My mum says “If you can’t think of anything nice to say to someone, don’t say anything at all!” Miss Squeak says the same. She gets very cross if someone is being a bully at Mouse School and quickly sorts things out. Of course, it helps if she knows about it!

I really hope you never get bullied but if it does happen to you, I hope you know what to do. Always make sure you tell someone, this can be your mum or dad or someone else you trust. If your friend is being bullied, don’t join in but stand with them and show them you care.

Having good friends is an important part of growing up and a good friend can become a friend for life.

This year the charity have organised a Wear Blue campaign and they are asking all nurseries, schools and colleges to wear something blue on Friday 18th November and donate to Bullying UK. If your school is taking part, write and tell me all about it.

Let’s all stand up and fight bullying together.