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Signs of Autumn - Posted - 20/09/2016 « Back to Blog

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I’ve been back at school for a few weeks now. I missed all my friends and Miss Squeak of course.

Grandad took me to Mouse School this morning and we counted 15 spider’s webs on the way. They were very easy to see because they were wet with morning dew.

At the weekend we went for a walk through the woods. There are a lot of trees and some children were collecting conkers from the Horse Chestnut tree. Suddenly a great big conker fell down and almost hit grandad on the head! We both laughed and I put the conker in my pocket to take to school.

Autumn is a good time for fruit, grandma has been picking blackberries and she baked a delicious pie yesterday. Yummy, yum it was delicious!

Last week she made a plum crumble which is my favourite. Do you like fruit? What is your favourite?

We are doing a project at school about Autumn. We are going on a walk in the park. Grandma is coming along too. I can’t wait.

We are going to look for signs of Autumn and we will each have a bag to collect conkers, acorns, pine cones and other seeds as well as leaves so we can make a display in the classroom.

Miss Squeak has a big apple tree in her garden and this year it is full of fruit. She is going to bring some into class and we are going to weigh them and then order them into different sizes. When we have done that we are going to cut them in half and print with them. Miss Squeak said we may try planting some of the apple pips and see if they will grow. I wonder how long that will take!

If you go out for a walk with your family, keep your eyes open for the many signs of Autumn. Take this activity sheet with you and see if you can find any of the items. If you want you could collect some in a bag and take them home to count later or use them to make a picture.

You don’t have to go to the park to find signs of Autumn, they are all around us! Write and let me know what you found. I’d love to hear all about it. J