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Starting School!!

Posted by Roly on 18/08/15

Some of my little friends are starting school in September. They are very excited! When I started school a few years ago I was excited too. But I was also a little nervous.

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We love summer!

Posted by Roly on 14/07/15

Mouse school has closed for the summer. I bet Miss Squeak will miss us all over the next 6 weeks. I wonder what she will do. We have lots of ideas for activities for you to do.

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Independence Day

Posted by Roly on 30/06/15

Happy Independence Day to all our American friends! Did you know that the 4th of July is a very special day in the United States? It is a national holiday, I love holidays don’t you?

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Fathers Day

Posted by Roly on 12/06/15

On Sunday June 21st it is Father’s Day. I love my dad and always try to make this a special day for him. This year I am going to make him a card and a gift.

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Walk to School Week

Posted by Roly on 11/05/15

Did you know that in the UK May is national walking month? I love being outside, do you? Mum says walking is a great way to keep fit; it helps to keep your heart healthy and best of all it is free!

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Mother’s day – Across the seas

Posted by Roly on 08/05/15

Mother’s day is a special day for mum. It is a time to think about all the great things she does for us. It is celebrated all around the world but many countries including Australia and America celebrate it on Sunday May 10th.

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May Day

Posted by Roly on 27/04/15

In the UK May Day falls on the first Monday in May. It is a time when we celebrate the start of summer and the end of winter. This year it will held on Monday May the 4th and because it is a bank holiday we all get a day off school. Hooray!!

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St Georges Day

Posted by Roly on 21/04/15

St George is the patron saint of several countries including England. In England we celebrate St George’s Day on April 23rd. His flag, a large red cross on a white background is flown from buildings and some people wear a red rose on their jacket or coat.

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Save Energy Week

Posted by Roly on 16/04/15

Did you know that ‘Save Energy’ week starts on April 21st this year? There are lots of ways we can all save energy and help make the world a better place.

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Easter Fun!

Posted by Roly on 27/03/15

I love Easter time, do you? We always have a great time at school. This year we had an egg decorating competition.

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